my story:

Hi, I am Brittni! I am a RN, Functional Assessment Specialist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Restorative Wellness Practitioner, who helps people get to the root cause of their health problems, and improve their health conditions, using food and lifestyle changes specific to their individual body. I am on a mission to not only stop disease in it’s tracks, but to prevent it in the first place!

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, all nutrition recommendations I make are based on nutrient dense whole foods.  From there I help people to optimize 5 foundations of health: digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, minerals and hydration. 

“Healthy” looks different for each person, it’s bio-individual.  EVERYONE. IS. DIFFERENT.  The client + practitioner team is important to figure out what your specific needs are and where your body needs support to function at its optimal level. When we functionally support the body using the correct tools (targeted nutrition and supplementation), the body the it’s able to do amazing things!

Working in health care for almost a decade, I am appalled with the way we “treat” disease.  Many times, there is no real “treatment” that actually occurs!  Many times the solution is a prescription to cover up and normalize the abnormal lab value.  Don’t get it twisted, there absolutely is a time and a place for medicine and I respect western medicine when it’s appropriate. But as a practitioner with a functional perspective, my goal is to get to the root cause of the problem, fix it and remedy the problem at hand, working with the body to make it happen.

Through my training and research in the Functional Medicine world, it’s become obvious that MANY of the disease process and health complaints are related back to the GI tract (aka ‘the gut’).  This area of the body being the missing link, I’ve furthered my training to evaluate the gut  microbiome specifically.  Running the GI MAP test with a client allows the ability to literally map out what is exactly going on in their specific microbiome.  No more guessing.  With the results gleaned from this test, we are able to very specifically target the root problem of many health complaints.  






eczema / skin disruptions 


joint pain 



recurrent infections

sleep disturbances

All of the things listed here are related back to gut function, and it is NOT a comprehensive list.  Healing from the inside out literally starts with ensuring optimal gut function.  When your gut is functioning properly, digestion is optimized; and ultimately we are what we digest, not what we eat!  Together with proper nutrient intake and supportive supplementation, an optimized bio-individual microbiome is not only possible but deserved for everyone!

So, if you:

-are sick of being sick

-are confused by what “they” say, and are fed up with chasing the next fad

-don’t know what information to trust or who to go to

-have a feeling that “there has to be a better way than all these prescriptions”

-are ready to commit to yourself and work hard

-want to heal your body from the inside out

-want to live freely and confident that your choices are right for YOU

-want to BECOME MORE!?