Whether you just want to check it out, or if you are ready to jump all in, there is an option for you.

Free 15 minute information call

Unsure if you really want to commit? Have a few questions about what it all really entails? Just want to make sure I am a real person?! Sign up no strings attached to see if we’ll make a good fit to work together.

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inital interview

Prior to the meeting, I will have you fill out paperwork. During our time I will gather information, ask questions, and get to know what’s brought you to nutritional therapy. I will make suggestions, and together we decide diet and lifestyle changes you feel most ready to implement. 90 minutes

functional evaluation

 I perform a hands on Functional Evaluation, palpating pressure points and reflexes to further gather information about how your body is functioning and determine where dysfunction lies. Then I will perform Lingual Neural Testing (LNT) to determine which supplements and/or food will best support YOUR body specifically.  90 minutes


Weekly Accountability Buddy

Need more frequent check ins to stay on track? This option allows for weekly video check in and review of food journal with recommendations. Schedule what ever day works best for your schedule. 30 minutes per week.

Detailed Lab Analysis

Diet and lifestyle changes have only gotten you so far? Still struggling with nagging symptoms? Stool and blood analysis testing gives a much more detailed approach. Knowing exactly what’s going on in stool/blood allows for very targeted support and faster ability to heal.

Package deals

Click below to see various ways to continue your care, following the initial session.


Pantry Makeover

I come to your house, we look at all the items you are currently buying, investigate ingredients that can be affecting your health, and read labels together. You will learn what to look for and how to transform your pantry! 2 hours